1. The aim of the forming of a Regianal Group of Central and Eastern European Organisations is to exchange information and experience, to harmonise positions regarding the operation and devetopment of the EBU, a more effective implementation of specific interests of the EBU member organisations, a co-ordination of candidates and election procedures, as well as monitoring the implementation of deciaions taken. Discussion and linking on regional level ought to encourage bilateral and multilateral co-operation of the involved organisations.

2. The membership in the Regional Group of CEE Organisations is voluntary.

3. All organisations are equal.

4. Harmonisation is to be reached by consensus (: if necessary, the group can take a vote, whereby the rules and methods of voting within the EBU apply.)

5. The meetings of tho Regional Group of CEE Organisations are called in according to need, at least twice a year:
- a spring meeting of directors or heads of international relations departments in early March (with the task to formulate opinions and positions for the annual meetings of the TV, Radio and Technical Assembly and for the May meeting of the EBU Administrative Council)
- a summer meeting of directors / directors general and the directors / heads of international relations, to be held a day before the respective General Assembly.

6. The March meetings ought to be held in the member countries of the CEE regional group, whereas the meeting before the General Assembly takes place on the spot of the respective General Assembly.

7. Coordination of the activities of the CEE regionel group between two meetings and the implementation of decisions taken is the task of the co-ordination committee consisting of:
- the organiser of the last plenary meeting
- the elected representatives of the CEE organisations in the Administrative Council, the TV Committee, the Radio Committee, the Technical Committee and the Presidency of the EBU.

8. The working laaguage within the group is English, the meetings of directors / directors general include, if necessary, Russian/English, English/Russian interpretation. All documcnts drafted by the group are in English.

9. The organiser of the meeting is obliged to ensure suitable working conditions. Concerning duties and rights the principle of rotation and reciprocity applies.

10. The meetings of the Regional Group of CEE Organisations are internal and confidential, if necessary experts and representatives of the EBU Permanent Service may be invited.

11. The members of the Regional Group of CEE Organisations not present at the election meeting of the EBU (General Assembly, TV, Radio and Technical Assembly) should preferably authorise their proxies from the CEE regional group to take the vote on their behalf.

12. The first rotating coordinator (March 1999-March 2000) will be HRT, Croatia.

Adopted in Zagreb, on March 16th, 1999