Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the HRT, as well as on behalf of the Central and Eastetn European EBU Group, I wish to thank all the colleagues for having participated at the Zagreb Meeting.

According to the conclusions of the Zagreb Meeting of 16th March,1999, I am sending to you, the mernbers of the Central and Eastem European EBU Group, the minutes of the Meeting as well as the final version of the Rules of Procedure of this Regional Group. This material consists of:

1. The important information about the next meeting of the Group at the level of the Chief Executives and the Intemational Relations Department Heads of our Group
2. Minutes of the Zagreb Meeting of 16th March, I999
3.The agreed Rules of Procedure of the Regional Group of EBU mcmbers from the Central and Eastern Europe.

1. At the very beginning may I draw your attention to our next meeting. Namely, according to our talks in Zagreb, during which we all agreed about the importance of the work done in the Group and its significance to all of us, it was pointed out the necessity that those who are making decisions in their respective organizations take part in thcse meetings. Therefore, our next meeting will take place one day before the EBU General Assembly meeting in Steigenberger Hotel, Berlin, on 1st July 1999 from 09.00 AM until 01.00 PM. I am expressly repeating this in ordcr that you make your bookings for the hotel resetvations, travelling arrangements and, of course, your time, on time.
The organizers of the EBU General Assembly meeting have been notified of our meeting and they will make the preliminary bookings of accommodation. However, I do kindly ask you to send your filled-in Participation Forms for the EBU General Assembly untill 10th May,1999 at the latest, and that you take into consideration the day necessary for our meeting.
For the Berlin meeting the Preparatory Committee will send you the Agenda Proposition until mid June, and all your proposals will be welcomed and useful in our future work.
The meeting is foreseen fnom 09.00 AM until O1.00 PM on 1st July, I999 with English-Russian translation and vice-versa. We do hope that you will attend the meeting and that through our work we shall contribute to the improvement of our Regional Group which enables us to coordinate the requests, needs and better common carriage and work within the EBU.

2. The mecting was attended by the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The aim was to establish the Group's "common ground" for the forthcoming EBU meetings. In line with that, it was decided that the Group will function as a regional "lobby" rather than as a "bureaucratic" organization. Its model should be the well orchestrated Nordic Group.
The Central and Eastem European EBU Group will hold two meetings a year, one at the level of Intemational Relations Department Heads and the other at the level of Chief Executives.
The Heads of Intemational Relations meetings in March each year will form common strategies of the Group and nominate delegates from various functions in thc EBU organization. The coordinator of the Group between two March meetings will be the last host (until year 2000 HRT). The next host will be decided at each March meeting. It is understood that all the representatives hoIding positions within the EBU organization will take part in the March meetings.
The meetings at the Chief Executives' level would take place one day before the General Assembly meetings.
The meeting in Zagreb also accepted the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Group of Central and Eastern European EBU Member Organizations.

Mr Boris Bergant, Vice President of the EBU General Assembly informed the participants of the Meeting about the current important topics in the frame of the EBU, and he draw particular attention to the paper "Proposed treatment for dealing with sudden and significant currency devaluations". Mr Romanski informed all the participants about the organization and the work of the TV Committee. After these useful pieces of information there was a discussion about the Eurovision Song Contest, about the Rules as well as about the financial aspect of this Event.

At separate meetings of Radio and Television Sub Groups it was decided that: First, the Central and Eastern European EBU Group will oppose any election of commercial broadcasters' representatives, such as the case of a French Commercial TV representative on the EBU TV Committee.
Second, at the Radio Committee, the Group will oppose any attempts to abolish the Folk Music Working Group and fight tooth and nail to retain the present free of chargc system for sports radio broadcasts.

The two Sub Groups also agreed on the candidates whom they will propose at the forthcoming Radio and/or TV Committee elections.
TV Sub Group agreed that our representatives for the EBU TV Cornmittee Meeting are:
Marija Nemčič (HRT), Vice President of TV Committee
Maciej Domanski (TVP), Member and
Antonia Jasemova (SVT), Member.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Berlin Meeting, I am, Sincerely yours,
Marija Nemčić
Head of International Relations
HRT/ Croatian Radio and Television