Hotel Steigenberger, Berlin, July 1st, 1999

The meeting was attended by the representatives of: Russian Federation, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Croatia, by total of 30 representatives.

On accepting the Agenda, it was pointed out that of total members of EBU (49 members), the countries of Central and Eastern Europe take part by 21 members, It is a rather big part and therefore our wish is betfier cooperation, better coordination and better realization of common aims within the EBU. Besides CEE Regional Group there is Nordic Group and Southern Group (mediterranean countries) in EBU.

What have we done untill now?

Common wish and aim is that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have more representatives in EBU bodies. Although the TV and Radio Committee has two of "our" representatives - one of them as Vice President, we did not manage to have the third representative. It was agreed that TV and Radio Committee rotate the members in order to be better coordinated and those members are from our Group. Therefore, we have more representatives in those committees.
We did not manage to have more representatives in Permanent Service since there is a situation more negative for CEE Regional Group. Namely, only 6 or 7 out of 297 employees are from "our" countries and non of them has an important position that makes insignificant influence on Permanent Services. Mr. Boris Bergant, Vice President of EBU, continued his report outpointing a problem of electing members for Administative Council and Presidency.
Since the President and Vice Presindent that can be only from the countries which are the members of Administative Council more democratic way of participation in those bodies was announced last year in Portorož in sence that the President and Vice President can be elected among the aif members of EBU. Unfortunately, the last Administrative Council postponed the decision till further notice.

The contract with General Secretary (Mr. Munch) and the Heads of some departments runs out during next year. This subject is discussed for the first time and the decision should be reached by December 1999. The contract may be extended for 1 - 2 years or new person will be nominated immediately.

It is a common opinion that EBU became a "club" of certain interests, that relation "user-payer" takes over more and more instead of relation of professional help and solidarity.

We cannot accept the fact that there is two kind of membership in EBU: one of them rich and technicaly improved countries and the others less improved and due to that fact less represented and less accepted.
Since we are equal members, we do pay the financial obligations and we did pay the admission fee, the part of the EBU income should be invested to the members of CEE Regional Group.
On the other hand the members of CEE should be more interested in active work and participation in various groups and their organisations should provide money for their expences connected with EBU.

After Mr. Bergant's report, the representatives of CEE Regional Group reported on work of TV, Radio and Technical Commitee.

TV Committee (Ms Marija Nemčić)
Following the report about the activity in some groups of TV Committee, the next problems was pointed out:

- there are more and more serious tasks and excellent ideas in TV Committe that are often refused under excuse of lacking the money, As a matter of fact, real and most common reason is the non-sufficient activity of Permanent Service.

- The coproductions are more expensive than before and they are designed for the high budgeted tv-stations, There is a lack of understanding for the rest of the members.

- There is not enough representatives of CEE Regional Group in the various groups of TV Committee.

- The relation"user - payer" takes over more and more and it resembles to the private agency that works for a profit only, That kind of relationship is not and should not be the primar aim of the organistions as the EBU is.

Radio Committee (Mr. Oganessian)
Mr. Oganessian pointed out the following:

- it is neccessary to keep the Folk Group in frame of Radio Committee,

- the members of CEE Group should participate in a big project: Millenium -Special Radio Day named Voices of Europe.

- regarding the European Radio Exibition there is a question, should it, or should not be held in different cities.

Technical Committee (Mr. Brodziak)
Mr. Brodziak informed on the activity of Technical Committee and the following problems are pointed out:

- due to the financial problems our members have difficulties in participating the meetings of numerous working groups.

- The financial situation and law regulations disable our members to participate in some important proceses of digitalization.

The meeting continued with the preparation for the common professional discussion on theme "10 years after the fall of Berlin Wall" - the situation in region.
It was pointed out that the next coordinator should be elected till the March 2000. RTR Russia expressed their wish to think over abouth this possition for the next period.
The Group agreed that the members have to be more active between annual meetings, and that we should think over about new ways of cooperation (common web site, booklet about coproduction possibilities, post-production possibilities, etc).

Finnished at 12:45

Marija Nemčić
Head of Internationai Relations Department
HRT e-mail:

As we outpointed during the meeting, any initiative regarding the cooperating within the Group is very welcome. So, the first proposal came from MTV Hungary. Mr. Martinak expressed the will of MTV to give a special offer to the broacasters of CEE to broadcast MTV' s Christmas Gala Concert that will be offered via EBU, free of rights charges.
Please do contact Mr. Martinak (tel: +36 1 373 4303, fax: +36 1 373 4133, e-mail: for further information.