Ordinary meeting of the Regional Group of Central and Eastern European EBU Members
15 March 2002, Moscow

On 15 March 2002 the RTR hosted in Moscow an ordinary meeting of the Regional Group of Central and Eastern European EBU Members (CEE Group). Taking part in the meeting there were representatives of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) and Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Hungarian Television and Hungarian Radio (HU/MTV, MR), Polish Television (PTV) and Polish Radio (PR), Radio Television of Slovenia (RTVSLO), Slovak Radio (SK/SR), Radio Television of Serbia, Television and Radio of Croatia (HRT), Czech Radio, National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRU) and National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU), as well as a colleague from the Television and Radio of Greece (ERT). Accordingly, the Russian EBU members - RTR, ORT and RDO took part in the meeting.

Following the concerted agenda the participants of the CEE Group's meeting discussed in a frank and constructive atmosphere the current issues of cooperation, outlined prospects for developing mutually beneficial relations and exchanges and worked out common position concerning some EBU activities.

Thus, the main points of Mr. Boris Bergant's report regarding proposals on EBU statutory changes and the activities of the relevant Presidency Group were approved in general. These proposals resulted from many preliminary discussions and agreements between the CEE Group members.

The CEE Group decided to develop within its framework two joint projects on producing a series of documentary TV programs - "Not Only Wars Kill" (as proposed by the Bulgarian and Serbian colleagues, preventing drugs, prostitution and religious extremism among children could be topics of this documentary) and "Cuisines of Our Neighbors". For this purpose the participants agreed to frame within the next month a concept for shooting these programs and later address the EBU Television Committee for financial aid in realization of the projects. As Mrs. Marija Nemcic, Television Committee Vice-President remarked, the Union has got certain funds for it.

The participants agreed that the fulfillment of these joint projects will move the CEE Group on a new stage of cooperation.

It is also assumed that the information on the projects could be placed on the CEE web-site that has recently been transferred to Moscow and favors the support of the RTR Internet Broadcasting Department. The CEE web-site is now being renewed and reconstructed.

In the course of discussions the participants came to the conclusion that at present time it is not expedient to arrange any additional TV and Radio contests within the CEE Group. It seems more prospective to promote participation in those contests which are already being held by some CEE Group members or the EBU. Thus Mrs. Veneta Gerassimova from BNT invited all the colleagues to attend the "Golden Chest" festival in Bulgaria. It was also agreed that the present EBU program of training workshops for members had proved to be quite sufficient.

The participants also took into consideration Mr. Boris Bergant's information on the new EBU policy in the sports rights acquisition. In the course of the discussion of the issue the CEE Group rejected the practice of so-called "double standards" used in the practice of sports rights acquisition by TV and radio companies.

The issues of the forthcoming EBU Television and Radio Assemblies were widely and frankly discussed as well. Thus, the participants agreed and approved in principle the candidacy of the RDO representative to the EBU Radio Committee. The participants also considered a possibility of nominating a CEE Group representative to the EBU Financial Group.

*     *     *