CEE group meeting in Madrid, July 5, 2001
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 29 April 2001 - Boris Bergant, EBU Vice-President: To the members of the EBU Regional Group - REPORT ON CURRENT ACTIVITIES
Montreux, Switzerland, 27 April 2001 - Belgian "Clic" wins EBU light entertainment competition
Geneva/Copenhagen, 2 May 2001 - Danish Broadcasting prepares to host record Eurovision Song Contest
Geneva, 25 April 2001 - EBU announces conference on European radio in the 21st century
Geneva, 19 April 2001 - EBU adds new layer of anti-piracy security to video scrambling system
Brussels, 27 March 2001 - EBU president sees public broadcasters "at the heart of e-Europe"
February 19, 2001 - Mr. Bergant's letter to all members


On this page you will find latest news on EBU, our TV and radio stations and our Regional Group. Every member is welcome to send his/her contribution to this page since its primarily intention is to develop exchange of information among group members.

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